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We, the fortunate ones who live among the trees, get to see wildlife constantly. Primarily, it is the deer rambling up and down the hills around us, some with new babies at their side. Then there are the javelina and the skunks — the ones we are less excited about encountering. Kenneth Henderson, age 88, from Camp Verde, Ariz.

Timothy Grams, 66, of Prescott, Ariz. Patricia Ann Allen passed away peacefully Saturday, September 28th, at her home, surrounded by her family in Kirkland Ariz. A seemingly divided Supreme Court struggled Tuesday over whether a landmark civil rights law protects LGBT people from discrimination in employment.

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President Donald Trump intensified his fight with Congress Tuesday over the Democrats' impeachment investigation, as the administration blocked a U. House committee chairmen said they would subpoena the envoy to force him to appear. All rights reserved. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Log Out. Subscribe Now. Trusted local news leader for Prescott area communities since Why are flags at half-staff today, Oct. Arizona now has misgivings about Purdue opioid Country music festival weekend camp-out benefit Legos lying around?

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Toy maker tests way to recy What's that sound? Black Canyon City man arrested after allegedly firing shots in his neighborhood Frightened residents in the area of Spencer St. Arizona now has misgivings about Purdue opioid settlement Why are flags at half-staff today, Oct.

Country music festival weekend camp-out benefits Shadows Foundation, Oct. Event Calendar. Torres leads Yankees to win and sweep of Twins Gleyber Torres got New York going with a second-inning home run, scored on each of his two doubles and made a pair of sparkling defensive plays, fueling the Yankees to a victory over Minnesota on Monday night to finish yet another sweep of the Twins and advance to the AL Championship Series. MNF: 49ers stay perfect, dominate Mayfield, Browns in win Matt Breida ran 83 yards for a touchdown on San Francisco's first play from scrimmage, Baker Mayfield was harassed into his worst game as a pro, and the 49ers stayed unbeaten for their best start in nearly 30 years, beating the Cleveland Browns on Monday night.

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Cubs get locked in van, honk horn to get out 1,pound breeding bull escapes onto streets of Baltimore The search is over: Dog turns up a year after gas explosions Cone or scoop: Guinea pig ice cream for sale in Ecuador Lost California dog found in southern New Mexico. Kiss will play for them in the ocean Court: Driving drunk on riding mower same as a vehicle. This Week's Circulars To view money-saving ads Editorial cartoon 2 : Oct. Editorial cartoon 1 : Oct. Talk of the Town: Can we save our shared declining water supply? Often several sessions. Psychotherapist uses astrology on the side as an adjunct to orthodox techniques.

Client has serious problems and usually requires ongoing sessions. Not a job for astrologers.

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Chart reading is traditional and is what most people expect when they visit an astrologer. Chart exploration goes beyond tradition and is where counselling enters the picture. Chart therapy is rare.

Ralph's Blog - Free will astrology baltimore city paper

Only a tiny proportion of licensed psychotherapists use astrology on the side. The move towards astro-counselling Chart exploration had its beginnings in the person-centred astrology promoted by Dane Rudhyar , a protege of occultist Alice Bailey , in reaction to the failure of ordinary astrology in the USA to satisfy spiritual needs. In the s, when many astrologers were busy with predicting events or proposing new techniques, Rudhyar was almost alone in being concerned about astrology's effect on clients.

For example in his booklet An attempt at formulating minimal requirements for the practice of astrology , Rudhyar says:. On the other hand, Rudhyar tended to overemphasise the materialism of conventional astrology, and many astrologers outside the USA would have denied that their astrology was other than person-centred.

For example Margaret Hone's Applied Astrology , an early British and widely-used collection of case studies, gave much guidance that was person-centred such as "think of your client before yourself" p. This will be his first step towards resolving it. Listen quietly, giving him the opportunity for what Jung calls 'a clearing of a cramp in the unconscious'" p. The s was also the time when pop psychology and self-help books were becoming fashionable. A decade later, new astrology authors like Liz Greene were writing books that focussed on psychological astrology, which was attractive to people interested in astrology but who were put off by its popular fortune-telling image.

It also inspired researchers to look again at astrology.

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For example Anerican astrologer Michael Meyer noted that the new approach "is presently attracting the attention and interest of many young and progressive people"; it also required a new style of chart reading because "One-time one-hour astrological sessions are obviously inadequate; the astrologer In the s British astrologer David Hamblin noted that existing astrology courses in the UK gave no guidance on building a good client relationship. But things were changing. By the s Christina Rose , a British astrologer and qualified counseller, was able to report "immense changes" in the practice of astrology away from chart reading to chart exploration.

Working astrologers in the UK had begun to see chart reading as defined above to be unhelpful because the client is too dependent on the all-knowing astrologer but of course if clients are merely curious about astrology then a chart reading may be all they want.

And in the UK Faculty of Astrological Studies began two-year post-diploma counselling courses to blend astrology and counselling. Beyond codes of ethics Today all established schools of astrology hold examinations, award diplomas, and have codes of ethics. The codes vary in detail between schools but all require that no astrological opinion be given unless based on the whole chart cast for the exact date, time and place of birth; that opinions not based on astrology be identified; and that client confidences be abserved. Wilful violation of the code leads to withdrawal of the diploma.

But particular codes of ethics are not the same as effective regulation generally. Anyone who wants to practise medicine or psychology or plumbing, or to build or sell houses, must be qualified and licensed to protect the public against malpractice. But anyone can become an astrologer just by saying so.

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In the s working astrologers in the UK saw the need for a professional body to maintain standards, and in the Association of Professional Astrologers International was formed to provide protection against astrological malpractice. Safeguards in its code of ethics included the mandatory referral of potential clients "whose needs are beyond the competence of an individual astrologer", and a ban on "offering any medical, legal or financial advice to a client on astrological grounds unless the appropriate [orthodox] skills or qualifications have been obtained" APAI Membership was limited to astrologers with a diploma from an approved body such as the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

In due course similar bodies were formed in other countries such as the Australian Association of Professional Astrologers in , which is "committed to the development and maintenance of best practice in the astrology field through the promotion of strong education standards, professional competency, ethical understanding and integrity", and the American Organization for Professional Astrology in , which is dedicated to maintaining "professional standards for the responsible use of astrology".

DeWine unveils Strong Ohio gun plan

The countermove away from counselling Ironically the move towards legitimisation in the s was accompanied by a countermove against psychological astrology by fundamentalists wanting a return to the old-style astrology of eg 3rd century Ptolemy, 13th century Guido Bonatti, and 17th century William Lilly. There was also increasing interest in mundane astrology world events , financial astrology money markets , horary astrology answering questions , and Vedic astrology Indian. The result was an increasing split between psychological astrology and the rest, and decreasing interest in the former.

At the same time there was no great move back to the monologue style of chart reading. Even the new fundamentalists tended to discuss charts with clients rather than just say what it indicated. Where does that leave counselling? Publication is a good measure of interest because it reflects the demand that book sellers, publishers and authors rely on to stay in business.

Judged by the number of astrology books that are devoted partly or wholly to counselling, the immense changes that were apparent to Christina Rose in the s have now disappeared, see figure below. Left : Rise and fall of astrology books with a chapter or more devoted to counselling.